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The Malay Language (Bahasa Melayu)

This video is all about the Malay language (Bahasa Melayu), one of the most most important languages in Southeast Asia. Thanks to Anwarul Adzizi Adeni for ...

2016-09-24 12:37 338,299 YouTube

Malay Vs Chinese | Eden Ang

We love both our Chinese and Malay fans so we though we might do a few laughs together. We live in such a great country full of different races and that sure ...

2017-07-19 04:12 185,015 YouTube

Malay - ✨ Bailando en la Luna 🌛

Venezuela | MALAY Link de Descarga: Kevin Brito (Dirección de ...

2017-09-17 03:53 867 YouTube

Malay Origin - Melayu : Dari Mana?

Malay origin, from 70000 years ago to present day. Sunda Continent Theory 7:55 Yunnan Theory 3:41 Taiwan Theory 4:43 The Srivijayan inscription (Kedukan ...

2017-05-13 46:10 9,413 YouTube

Luis Fonsi - Despacito (Malay Version - Incognito) 2017

A latino song converted to malay titled "Incognito" from the famous piece by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee - Despacito 2017 Guitarist ...

2017-05-16 03:51 11,113,373 YouTube

Junior-junior Haikal (Malay Subs)


2017-04-22 03:39 51,632 Dailymotion

Doraemon Malay ~ Hellowen ( Sub Malay )

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2015-08-01 20:55 2,191 Dailymotion

Doraemon Malay Pero Hidup Kembali - Malay Version 2015 HD

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2015-10-07 11:59 6,602 Dailymotion

Doraemon Malay Telur Bertukar Wajah Shiritori - Malay Version 2015 HD

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2015-10-06 10:31 2,138 Dailymotion

Doraemon Malay Si Penjatuh Upahan - Malay Version 2015 HD

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2015-10-06 09:59 2,758 Dailymotion

3 Minutes

You've got three minutes. More info at Credits Producers George Wang & Don Le Director of Photography Nathaniel Fu 1st AD Danny...

2011-01-10 03:00 460,600 Vimeo

Adventures in Transition I: Epidode VII - Part II

Additional Windells Footage: Tyler Malay Alexandra Erickson Paul Heran...

2011-11-08 02:53 18,342 Vimeo

BUANG The Lost Malay Scientist

This documentary goes on the tracks of Buang Bin Mohammed Ali, faithful assistant to the famous Russell A. Wallace, explorer of the Malay Archipelago in the 19t...

2010-10-28 06:16 19,033 Vimeo

Malaysia: island life

// Malaysia: island life Filmed and shot on location in Malaysia: Kota Kinabalu Park, Tropical Garden, The Poring Hot Springs, Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary, Kuc...

2011-12-23 02:52 77,907 Vimeo

visual projection for Malay Heritage Centre

SIDM Collaborated with Malay Heritage Centre SIDM students produced 3D visual projection installations for two galleries at the Malay heritage centre. The fir...

2013-11-01 01:45 369 Vimeo